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Reflective Counselling and Psychotherapy

Remote Counselling Across the UK 

New to 2022-Hypnotic Audios

A guide on how to use the audio hypnosis mp3

Using the audio hypnotherapy

• My hypnosis audios are designed for over 18’s only

• Do not consume drinks with caffeine in them for around 3 hours before the session

• Do not exercise before the session

• Go to the bathroom

• Have a glass of water before the session

• Turn off any devices that may interrupt the session

• Be in comfortable clothing

• Find a comfortable place to sit or lay down

• Do not listen to more than once a day


Hints and tips

• You can use either headphones or speakers although headphones help reduce noise from the outside world so can be better.

• There are no strict rules about how often to use the audio hypnotherapy, however, for the first week I would highly recommend you listen to the audio hypnotherapy each day.

• Some people notice the changes occurring after a session or two and others take longer.

• Some people listen to the audio hypnotherapy weekly or monthly to support the initial seven days just to keep on top of it. It’s very personal to you and your life, do what feels the best for you.

• You may even fall asleep, its ok and that’s not a problem, you will wake at the end of the audio or you could set an alarm just to be sure.

• If you use the audio hypnotherapy at bedtime, there is an option at the end of each audio to just go straight to sleep. Just set an alarm for the morning as normal.

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a positive and natural occurring state that we actually experience every day of our lives. It can be described as an open state of mind. The state of hypnosis occurs at a certain point in relaxation where the subconscious mind is open and therefore open to positive suggestions and changes.

The subconscious mind becomes powerful with the positive suggestions and communicates with your conscious mind with the new positive changes.

By entering the powerful state of mind, we can tell our subconscious mind to help us with the goals we desire and it complies.

Hypnotherapy can help with lots of different issues such as anxiety, depression, addiction, confidence and stress. The list is far too big for me to list everything but it can pretty much help with most issues. My personal favourite was helping someone overcome their addiction to caffeine, in particular diet cola!! It was a new experience for me but it was completely successful after just 3 sessions.

Lots of people often say that hypnotherapy is the last resort for them, which I do understand, however, I also feel that it’s a shame as it can be so powerful and can often work quicker than other therapies.

Often people are scared at the thought of having hypnotherapy, possible because of what has been seen on tv as entertainment hypnosis. However, that’s just one small part of hypnosis, the therapy part can be successful and powerful.

Hypnosis is NOT a miracle cure!

It may appear to be sometimes but it’s not magic. It’s a relaxed state of mind in which the subconscious mind is open to positive suggestions and each person will respond to it differently to another. As human beings, we are unique to each other and there is never a guarantee that this will work for everyone. No therapist should ever guarantee a ‘cure’, it would be unethical.

Hypnosis does have its limits. Physical ones as well as genetic ones.

Let’s bust some myths

• You won’t feel ‘hypnotised”

• You won’t be unconscious

• You won’t be semi unconscious

• You won’t ‘lose your mind’

• And you won’t lose the ‘power’ over yourself

• You won’t be made to do something that you don’t want to do

• You will return to conscious awareness when you need or want to

What does it feel to be in hypnosis?

Whilst everyone is completely unique to this question, the one answer that I can give you is RELAXED. Other words I may use to describe any physical symptoms would be tingly, light, heavy and sleepy.

The Science – How does it actually work?

The truth is, nobody actually knows the answer to that question. Nobody can categorically say how it works or why it works, but it certainly can. The general belief around this question is that the conscious critical faculties (CCF) of the mind can be safely bypassed allowing the subconscious mind to have ways to positively change behaviours, but only as long as the person desires them.

The key to successful hypnosis is to really want the change on a deeper level. It’s the therapy that happen once you are in a state of hypnosis that counts. It’s the positive suggestions that are wanted by the person that can help the subconscious help make that change.

There’s no magic, the success relies on the quality of the therapist and the techniques used (and a want for the change from you).

Refund policy

These audio files do not come with an option for a refund, however, if you have a problem, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.